Lonely Grape TV Episode 105 Handmade By Geoff Hardy 2009 Lagrein

Join me checking out another emerging variety – this time a Lagrein. I have tried this variety before and I am amazed at the milk chocolate character this wine seems to provide.



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Passionate about wine - particularly McLaren Vale wines. Check out my blog on different winery reviews and my wine sales web site
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2 Responses to Lonely Grape TV Episode 105 Handmade By Geoff Hardy 2009 Lagrein

  1. Alan says:

    Your loosing all of your credibility by letting your kid carry on like that. I subscribe and watch this for the wine content not out of sight behind camera giggling and reference to ass jokes. Its not funny! Tell your kid to go play somewhere else when you are trying to be serious about wines or do not condsuct reviews in school holidays. Not impressed , very very amateurish this time after such good previous work

    • Amanda says:

      Losing credibility?? No idea what you are talking about mate….I watched it and didn’t hear a thing other than a bit of noise in the background of a kid enjoying life. You must have superb hearing to make out what the child was saying, couldn’t work out a word myself.

      But seriously this guy is doing his best to educate us on wine, who cares if his kid makes a noise in the background. Makes it less sterile and more realistic in my eyes. If you want professional wine tasting go pay the money for it…..but no you are getting this for free aren’t you?

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