McLaren Vale Wines – Genders Wines 2005 McLaren Park Shiraz

I love my job – well it is not really a job, but I love it anyway. I get the opportunity to visit wonderful people and talk about wine, and yes even drink some as well. This week I had the pleasure to be invited to Genders Wines to taste their new release – 2005 Genders McLaren Park Shiraz. What a wonderful 2 hours I had. I always enjoy discussing things in wine with Dianna Genders (winemaker, vinerion and all round everything for Genders Wines).

Dianna Genders at Genders Wines

The winery is just outside the McLaren Vale Sports Ground and most people that drive past the winery, they do not even know it is there. Well there it really is. Yes, the winery looks like it may have stopped operation many years ago, but this could not be further from the truth. The winery and vineyards are run and operated by Dianna and in my mind she does a great job in the face of what the industry is doing to many small operators. The wines are quite distinctive if for no other reason that Dianna will not release her wines until she believes it is ready. In her eyes almost all wine is released too early.

Genders Wines has a long history of grape growing and then wine making – I have written about them in a previous blog. Check it out here.

Anyway, I should talk about the wine……

2005 McLaren Park Shiraz ($40)
Firstly, this is a classical Genders wine with all the developed characters but more importantly for me the wines change so much over a period of time. One of the reasons I was there so long (well that was my excuse anyway). The aromas started with developed dark briary fruits but after a while changed to that typically shown from Dianna’s wines – floral notes. Then some cinnamon kicks in as well. The flavors also change dramatically. Firstly starts with the briary / black fruits with oak tannins not over done and lots of good acid i.e. Really good structure. Over time the flavors change to include lots of spices and not your normal spices. I got more of cardamon and sage as the wine opened up. After being open for nearly 2 hours there were more changes – the fruits of blackberries and blueberries came through.

Two things I thought of after trying the wine. Firstly, the changes over time from these wines are a joy and even though many people will not get the most from these wines (as there will be limited breathing of the wine), Dianna’s decision to keep these wines back until they are mature enough provides the drinker with inexperience that is not normally achieved unless you or a friend has a wine cellar. Secondly, the red wines from this vineyard and winery has a distinctness about them and I am starting to understand this winery and the wines being produced.

I am also happy to let you know that Dianna has allowed this wine to be sold on-line from Taste McLaren Vale Web Site in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to McLaren Vale Wines – Genders Wines 2005 McLaren Park Shiraz

  1. Victoria Butterworth says:

    Genders Wines are always fantastic, so full of of flavour and fruit. i take my hat of to Dianna as she works that winery all by herself and even worked on Christmas day. Thank goodness someone has discovered this truly lovely winery and if you havent been to Genders and havent tried Genders wine, boy are you missing something.

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