McLaren Vale Wine – Final Chapter of 2009 Scarce Earth Shiraz Project

Welcome to the 7th and final  installment of my McLaren Vale 2009 Scarce Earth Project Shiraz journey.   The first 6 installments can be viewed:-

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2009 Serafino Terremoto  Syrah ($A80)

The grapes for the wine come from the Shark Block vineyard in Willunga.  The fruit from this 5 acres were used to make 100 cases of wine.  The wine was opened for me so it had not been breathing for long – even so the aromas showed intense plum action with a lovely violet perfume that finished with what was reminiscent of prune juice.  The flavors are intense and long with lots of the McLaren Vale plum on the mid palette and powerful but fine grained tannins.  As expected this wine needs time.

2009 HALiFAX Per Se Block Shiraz ($A50)

I was so looking forward to this wine – and I was not disappointed.   Lots of plum and cherry fruits start off and then goes into milk chocolate and white pepper.  It all finishes up with leaving the amalgam with fresh green cardamon pod character.  Flavors of fresh dark plums with some red cherries thrown in as well.  Cedar oak was complimentary with the fruit with the pepper and cardamon pod still coming through.  I enjoyed the balance and can see this wine will see many good years ahead of it.

2009 Scarce Earth Project Shiraz Wrap-up

My feeling was the 2009 Project wines were rushed to be ready for the consumer in time.  This in part was the want of the winemakers to give their best wines the best oak.  I feel many of the wines have had their great fruit over done with oak.  I say this with the understanding many people, particularly in the wine business, will not agree.  The project was started to show off what wonderful Shiraz the various soil types can produce in McLaren Vale.  The project was not to show off who could load up the most oak.

So I can hear you ask, what were my favorite wines from the McLaren vale Scarce Earth Project Shiraz?  Well I could not split 3 wines – the Five Geese Reserve, Fox Creek  and the HALiFAX Per Se.  They all showed the characters of the different areas.  Coming a close fourth was the Brash Higgins wine that showed the characteristics of the vineyard on Malpas Road.

Thanks to all the 17 wineries with 20 wines for the pleasure of trying these wines.  I also understand the 2010 Scarce Earth Shiraz nominations were due this week so it will not be to far away and we can go through the Scarce Earth Project ride again.

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