McLaren Vale Wines in the Barossa

I find it amazing at times but it is quite interesting the effect of an organised tasting at one place with Barossa, Eden Valley and mcLaren Vale wines at a cellar door in the Barossa!  There was comments from both north and south of Adelaide that this concept was perhaps an abomination.

Regardless of a few interesting comments my family and I headed north on Good Friday to a lovely little Bed & Breakfast in Williamstown right on the outskirts of the Barossa.  The B&B was called Red Gum Retreat and I would recommend this friendly place to those liking a hint of old world charm.  Check out the photos.

Red Gum Retreat

Saturday brought some nerves from little old me – nerves that soon fell away.  On the way into Tanunda we noticed a number of scarecrows at various places on our way.  We found out later that there was a Scarecrow trail through the Barossa – how interestingly creative.  Check out the photos for a couple of examples.

By the time we unloaded the wine and sorted out where everything was going to go, the people started to trickle in.  For most people it was like so many wines, so little time – so lets try a couple.  Interestingly, so many people wanted sweet wines.

This is something that I believe a lot of wineries, winemakers and cellar door are missing out on.  I have even read a recent study (since coming home from this weekend) that shows a large proportion of people don’t drink a lot of wine as they would prefer wines with some sweetness.  While winemakers want to make wines they want to drink and there is a difference between the wants and the producers.  Ever wondered why Moscato is so popular.  Something for many wine companies to consider.

We were in the main street of Tanunda and it was great to see so many people wondering around, sharing the sunshine, the wines and the atmosphere that is the Barossa Vintage Festival.  It was also great to see my parents and my sister and cousins – though I did not spend much time with them as I was working.  Well the day went quickly and in no time it was lock up time.  Dinner with friends beckoned – and that is another story.

After a good nights sleep, Sunday was upon us.  After Saturday was seen as busy, what was in store for us on Sunday?  I should have guessed when there was a large family waiting at the door for the opening then they tasted every wine we had for tasting – over 20 of them.  This was just the start of what was a wonderfully busy day.

I would be remiss not to mention that the person who normally works the cellar door provided the visitors with lots of cheese and her home made quince paste and pear paste.  These condiments were very popular.  Nearly as popular as the chocolate truffles that were also available for those who tried the Liqueurs – people were so impressed they wanted to know where they could buy the chocolates from.

All in all I enjoyed the weekend and now I just need to understand if I made any money from the exercise!

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