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Tim Adams Wines Cellar Door

I have only been to the Clare Valley 3 times previously to this occasion.  On one of those occasions, nearly 20 years ago I went to a tin shed cellar door that had the name Tim Adams.  What a difference about 20 years makes.  The cellar door complex is vast, new and shiny with what looks like a reasonably sized winery behind it.  Unfortunately, I arrived at the cellar door with only 20 minutes left before closing time so my reviews below were conducted in record time and thus maybe not as detailed as normal.  So with minimal other information here is my reviews of Tim Adams Wines.

Tim Adams Wines - Winery

2010 Riesling ($A19)

Intense citrus here with lots of lemons and limes, but very interestingly grapefruit.  With these flavors here there is the expected acid depth that supports the flavors that just linger.  This supports just what Clare Valley Riesling is known for.  Bring on the seafood.

2008 Reserve Riesling ($A29)

It has been a long time since I have tasted a somewhat mature Riesling – that organic smell and taste of the kerosene.  Well this one brought back memories of a couple of occasions.  The toasty, kero, citrus rind and grapefruit aromas followed by all those lovely lime flavors.  I can see this wine would not be in favor with everybody, but you cannot please everybody all the time.

2009 Semillon ($A19)

I really enjoyed the floral notes wrapped up with stone fruit (mainly nectarine) aromas.  The flavors show the oak fermentation by some cedar notes and a creamyness complexity.  Those peaches and nectarines also make a play in those flavors.  I can see a bowl of Thai Green Curry in this wines future.

2007 Pinot Gris ($A19)

Did not taste.

2007 The Fergus ($A20)

This is a blend of all sorts of red varieties with a Grenache basis (30%).  This medium bodied red wine has the red fruits you would expect from Grenache.  The aromas and the flavors are a little short, however I can see a lot of people liking this wine.  Lamb, lamb and more lamb would work well here.

2008 Reserve Tempranillo ($A29)

It is good to see the region looking at what maybe the future direction of warmer regions like Clare Valley.  Tempranillo is doing good things in many of the wine regions of Australia – so I was looking forward to this.  I was not disappointed.  The aromas were cherry fruits with a spicy earthyness – with the spices being cloves and cinnamon.  The earthy and cherry continues on a flavor profile that has associated body that is very appealing.  If this is the view of Tempranillo in the Clare Valley then bring on more of it.

2008 Cabernet Malbec ($A20)

A classy wine from an unfashionable blend.  If you like wines with strength and substance then this is one to try.  Strong dark fruits and spice with character and palate length.  At this price this should be on everybody’s list.

2007 Shiraz ($A20)

This vintage is almost sold out and I can understand why.  This vintage the old vines from Aberfeldy vineyard helped produce the wine.  The aromas were reminiscent of mulberries and violets.  The fruit is mainly blackberry and there is wonderful spices of pepper and cardamon.  The acid here creates depth as well as a little tingle on the tongue.

2008 Aberfeldy Shiraz ($A44)

The Aberfeldy vineyard was planted with Shiraz in 1904 so one would expect concentration of flavors from small yielding vines.  So this was another offering I was looking forward to.  The aromas were based around cloves and cinnamon with an envelope of cherry plums.  The aromas also showed there is a decent slug of American oak here – there was the tell tale coconut sweetness.  The flavors were layers of dark fruits, plums and cherries with the spices of cloves and cinnamon and then the American oak adds complexity.  The oak imparted sweet coconut and vanilla flavors.

2010 Botrytis Riesling ($A25 – 375mL bottle)

In the right conditions the Botrytis mold can do wonderful things to a wine – and I emphasis the conditions need to be right.  In this case I can see many right things – flora and fruit salad aromas combined with tropical and citrus fruit flavors that has quite a viscous mouthfeel.  The most impressive thing though is what is not there – so much sugar that it just covers the whole palate and that is all you can taste.  There is a big acid hit here so the high levels of sugar are “stripped” from your tongue and mouth so that cloying experience does not happen here.

20 Year Old Fine Tawny ($A35)

This wine has the hallmarks of a good tawny – wood age colour and flavor that just combines together to just provide a party for your mouth and taste buds.  But as with the wine above there is a lot of acid here and it is not too sweet.  If you like the tawny style without all of the sugar hit then you really need to find this wine.  I know I will enjoy this during the coming winter.

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