Lonely Grape TV Episode #71 – 2008 Pieri Occasione Shiraz

What an unusual wine. The wine from 2008 was passed through the red wine pressings from 2009 – very unusual characters and very pleasant.

Check out this wine from www.tastemclarenvale.com.au in their Backyard Shed Cru Red Pack #4

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1 Response to Lonely Grape TV Episode #71 – 2008 Pieri Occasione Shiraz

  1. Blake says:


    Thanks for this review. I just now have tried the Pieri Occasione 2008 Shiraz, and for the most part agree with your assessment. It is quite jammy, full of currant scent (though maybe not so much with the currant flavor), and definitely lighter in body than most other Australian Shiraz wines that I have had. I, for one, found a distinct vanilla aroma as well as vanilla taste on the finish. I found that to be odd for a 100% Shiraz and more akin to a Shiraz/Grenache blend (like the StumpJump blend that is all the rage in the states right now [WS Top 100]). Maybe there was some interesting barreling with this wine?

    I’m now on my second glass past the tasting notes and I have to agree that it is an enjoyable one. The sweetness/jammy flavor that presents on the palate is appealing and very tasty. However, I feel that a Shiraz should be much BOLDER than this is – more flavor forward. Subjective preference, I suppose.

    From Oklahoma, United States – If you have any McLaren Vale suggestions that I should know about please pass along!


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