McLaren Vale On Line – Connect McLaren Vale

Just for something totally different, I am not reviewing a winery but a note about the fact that the McLaren Vale iPhone App is here – called Connect McLaren Vale.  The App is built by Connect Broadcast and sponsored in part by the Onkaparinga Council

App Front Page

The App is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes store.  Here is the link to the iTunes store.

The main menu has 9 components:-














Each menu item has an overview page, a list of items and a Google Map set up for the area.  The whole set up is very easy to use – even for a Noob like me who does not even have an iPhone (yet).

This lists are not comprehensive – 33 wineries are listed when there is over 65 cellar doors open almost every day and about 20 more that are open by appointment.  The information provided is factual and the link to the map is an excellent function.  I checked the map and found the locations of a number of wineries and eateries were not entirely correct, enough that for those who are new to the area to end up quite confused.  I have previously heard that GPS information has been confusing in the Vale before so I suspect this is the same issue.

While doing the review I was connected to the internet and found a few items, I think photos, taking longer to load up than I was prepared to wait – so I just went to another page.

I like the fact there is information on so much more that wineries here – even a large number of public toilets are shown on the map.

If you want to know more about the App – particularly if you want your information to be included (at a cost of course) then contact Mark at Connect Broadcast.

There are big plans for the App with new features expected over the coming months, including events calendar, GPS directs to wineries or attractions, social media links GPS audio links plus audio and videos.  You never know maybe the Lonely Grape may make an appearance.

So what do I think overall this is a great start to help bring McLaren Vale to the world!

About Lonely Grape

Passionate about wine - particularly McLaren Vale wines. Check out my blog on different winery reviews and my wine sales web site
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