McLaren Vale Wines – Adrian Kenny Wines

Adrian is in a few words – an interesting character – and that is why I like the guy.  He has been making wines  for a number of McLaren Vale wineries and McLaren Vale grape growers that have not been able to sell their grapes so have organised to make their own wine.  I have tried a number of these wines made under contract for others.  I have enjoyed these wines so I was looking forward to trying his own wine.

Adrian likes to work on what he calls the Trinitarian Balance which is a balance between flavor, aroma and texture (or what I often refer to as mouthfeel.

Adrian has a need to do the different things and to incorporate technology to provide something different.  This burning need is a driving force in his winemaking style.  There is no standard Adrian Kenny wine as the wine he makes this vintage may not suit what he wants to try next or the next batch of interesting fruit he can find.  Adrian has also decided to reduce the work he has been doing for others and to spend considerably more time working on his wines and his use of technology.  We can then look forward to many different wines to try from this “innovator”.

2010 Fleurieu Peninsula Sauvignon Blanc Trial Batch 8a

Just bottled and nearly all the wine sold.  The grapes come from Mt Compass vines and they were picked relatively early so to achieve only 11% alcohol.  This was an attempt to make a more refined wine and a move away from the fruit bomb mentality.  I was looking forward to trying this as I am not a not normally a fan of Sauvignon Blanc and maybe this would be different.  Unfortunately the wine was all over for me before it began – the level of sulphur added to the wine was overpowering on both the nose and palate.  The level of sulphur was at 30 ppm which is normally acceptable – but not in this case.  I even left the wine tom breath for a couple of hours but to no avail.

2009 GTS ($A18)

I have not had a Grenache, Tempranillo, Shiraz blend before so another level of interest was sparked.  No disappointment this time.  Another level of interest is that the Grenache had a few bunched of Viognier during fermentation.  The aromas are dominated by cherries with the earthiness one normally associates with Tempranillo.  The flavors continue with the cherries and a melody of red fruits.  There are soft tannins and a hint of darkness which I can describe as briarness.  There is some lovely fruit here but with some darkness as well – I see this as an excellent combination with Pizza or Pasta.

2009 Fleurieu Peninsula Tempranillo Trial Batch 3b ($A22)

The fruit comes from a biodynamic vineyard on the Fleurieu Peninsula.  Adrian was trying to make a Tuscan style wine.  The aromas were understated and I believe that  the wine needs time to reach it’s potential.  There was cherries and the Briarness I mentioned above.  As the wine was breathing in  the glass I got some floral tones starting to come through.  The flavors were interesting.  At first there was some greenness and then blackness with a slightly bitter finish.  While Adrian & I were talking about this wine I found the wine changed and the greenness and bitterness disappeared, so one to watch for a few years.

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