Lonely Grape TV Episode #40 – McLaren Vale Roadway Wine Signs

A change up to the normal video – no wine tasting. Instead I thought I would share with you the new McLaren Vale entrance winery road signs. At last they have been updated and show some of the wineries you can visit in the area.

About Lonely Grape

Passionate about wine - particularly McLaren Vale wines. Check out my blog on different winery reviews and my wine sales web site
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4 Responses to Lonely Grape TV Episode #40 – McLaren Vale Roadway Wine Signs

  1. erl happ says:

    Hi Shane
    What a great presentation of McLaren Vale imagery and how inviting those labels are. I am trying to persuade our local councils to allow (not to finance but simply give permission) for this type of signage on major tourist roads.

    Your video will certainly help. Its great to know that somewhere in Australia there is a local Council that appreciates and promotes the people that keep the wheels turning in their local community. Priorities!

    Great aesthetics. Congratulations McLaren Vale and the Lonely Grape.

    Thanks a million,
    Erl Happ
    Happs and Three Hills
    Margaret River
    Western Australia

    • Lonely Grape says:

      So glad you liked the video. I am more than happy if you want to show the video to others. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for this cause. I have not been to Margaret River for many years, but I can remember fondly Happs Winery. I enjoyed the wines very much. Keep up the good work.


  2. erl happ says:

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Who made the components? Who was responsible for artwork and erection? Who fronted with the cash? Whats the specs on the panels and what are they made of?

    • Lonely Grape says:

      leave these questions with me for a few days. I will ask the people from McLaren Vale Grape, Wine and Tourism Association and get back to you.



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