McLaren Vale Wine – d’Arenberg Wines (Part 2)

d"Arenberg Road Sign

This is part 2 of reviewing the wines from d’Arenberg Wines – they have far too many wines for 1 tasting.  Part 2 does not cover them all either – I will just have to go back this week to try the remainder of the wines at the cellar door.

The cellar door area also has a collection of vintage winery and vineyard equipment, which can make for interesting viewing.

Vintage Vineyard Equipment

2008 The Feral Fox Pinot Noir ($A30)

Made from Adelaide Hills fruit with lots of red fruits (particularly strawberries) on the nose and palate.  The palate also showed sour cherries and soft tannins with quite a long finish.  I am not normally a Pinot Noir fan however this one that could change my mind.  Well done d’Arenberg team.

How about duck breast with sweat & sour cranberry chutney to go with this wine?

2006 The Custodian Grenache ($A18)

True to the variety this grenache shows lots of red fruits (both on the nose and palate).  On drinking it also showed red current flavors, silky smooth tannins and an interesting sour cherry/tannin finish.  As readers will know I have a thing for McLaren Vale grenache and this could quite easily be a frequent visitor to my home bar.  Bring on a big plate of Broccoli Beef Noodle Stir Fry to have with the wine.

Also note that d”Arenberg has released a museum release of a series of three 2002 Custodians from separate vineyards that fave different soil types – the $60/pack is very reasonable for a museum release.  I will do a video tasting of this 3 pack in the coming weeks.

2006 The d”Darry’s Original Shiraz Grenache ($A18)

This wine has been made now for many vintages (the 2006 is the 64th consecutive vintage) and I remember about 25 years ago the wine was not very popular even though the quality has always been high.  Today this has turned around with the original “Red Stripe Wine” being a big seller.  Also note this wine is frequently available in bottle shops for less than the above price.

The nose is a marriage of pepper, spice, cedar (from the oak), and red fruits.  The palate has sour cherries dominant red fruits with pepper running down the palate onto the long finish.  At this price point (and possibly cheaper) the 2006 vintage Red Stripe is punching above it’s weight!  I am thinking of wood oven fired pizza to bring out the best in the Red Stripe.

2006 The Footbolt Shiraz ($A18)

A typical shiraz nose of black fruits and pepper.  The palate is an infusion of plums blackcurrants with a good acid length combined with soft tannins.  I have also seen this wine cheaper at liquor stores and particularly at the lower price is a good buy.  Try a grilled skirt steak to complement the wine.

2006 Cadensia Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre ($A25)

The Cadensia project is a McLaren Vale initiative to promote the region’s Grenache and Grenache based blends as regional champions.  I applaud this initiative and I believe McLaren vale Grenache is a joy for the initiated.

There was a little alcohol tingle on the nose (indicating reasonably high alcohol), some perfume from the Mourvedre enveloped around plum characters.  As expected spicy stewed plums dominate the soft palate with grainy tannins on the lingering finish.  I like this very much – even better with a steaming bowl Beef & Black Bean Sauce.

2007 The Twenty Eight Road Mourvedre ($A25)

Mourvedre is not normally produced as a varietal wine but instead blended such as the previous wines.  Thus the Twenty Eight Road is one of the unusual items that d”Arenberg is known for.

Perfume on the nose is the character normally found with this variety and it is here in spades.  It is a dry wine but the palate shows almost sweet fruit compote of cherries and plums combined with integrated oak into a lingering finish.  If this is what straight Mourvedre is like then we should make more of it!  How about trying it with Beef Bourguignon?

2005 The Sticks and Stones Tempranillo Grenache Shiraz ($A29)

Not just unusual names but also unusual blends.  The earthiness typical of Tempranillo comes through on the nose.  As for the above wine the palate shows a fruity sweetness with the spiciness expected from Grenache and Shriaz and finishes with long fine tannins.  A big plate full of pan fried mushrooms with a vina cotta reduction would be a treat to have with this wine – bring it on.

2007 The Cenosilicaphobic Cat Sagrantino Cinsault ($A29)

First of all the definition of Cenosillicaphoba is the fear of an empty glass!  I have not tried Sagrantino before – so I was looking forward to this – even before I heard the name.

An unusual fruity nose and the sweet fruit palate is shown again with red fruits (predominately cherries) with grainy tannins on this long finish.  This wine was by far the biggest wine so far on the list – lots of fruit and tannins and probably needs more time to bring together.  When ready let try a slow cooked beef with red wine, garlic and rosemary.

2006 The Ironstone Pressings ($A60)

I found the nose a little closed but had hints of cherries, plum and chocolate.  The palate was multi layered – a fruit layer of intense red cherries, plums with spice overtones.  The next layer has herbs and flowers with the final layer of minerals, tannins and good acid.  The wine needs many years of maturation to be at it’s peak – whenever you drink it then please decant and let breathe for a few hours before serving with a Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Maderia Sauce.

2006 The Dead Arm Shiraz ($A60)

The nose was a little closed – maybe the bottle was only opened for a short period.  There was hints of pepper with plum and cherries.  Rhe red fruits (plums and cherries) continue on the palate with essences of licorice and black olives.  Lots of oak tannins that are almost chewy.  Another wine that needs a considerable amount of time and please decant and let breathe for a couple of hours before serving with Individual Beef Wellingtons.

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