McLaren Vale Winery – La Curio

This is the second winery being reviewed from the Vale Cru event on the 20th September.

All wines from this winery just yelled out class to me while I was tasting.  There is a “different” element about the wines that I could not originally explain.  However, after asking a few questions and listening to what was being said, I understand why these wines are gems.  The wines were made at Redheads Studio – this McLaren Vale small batch wine making facility maybe closing down and so I am not sure where the wines will be made in the future.  Nothing has been spared to produce flavour in the wines.  Grapes are selected from a few quality vineyards and then the fun begins in the winery.  Techniques such as carbonic maceration, extended lees aging, hand plunging, basket pressing ………

The winery website is

Now my spin on the wines:-

2008 La Curio “Nubile ” Grenache/Shiraz ($A19)

 Predominantly Grenache that shows spices of cimamin and white pepper on the nose followed by volumes of plums and red berries on the palate with just a hint of mocha.

this wine would work well with any lamb based dish – maybe a morroccan targine with some preserved lemon Cous Cous.

2008 La Curio Reserve Bush Vine Grenache ($A24)

 if I thought the last wine was good then it did not prepare me for the blast of this essence of  a proportion of 100 year old vine Grenache berries.  Rolling layers of raspberries (almost sweet fruit) and pepper integrating with the oak characteristics. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm. 

Lets have this wine with a Fleurieu Dorper Lamb Roast Leg (with plenty of roasted garlic and rosemery) with roast root vegetables (don’t forget lots of beetroot and kumera) and smothered in a lamb jus.

2008 La Curio Reserve Shraz ($A28)

After the above wine I thought things could not get better – maybe not better, but definately not worse.  Before I could get my nose into the glass I could smell lots of pepper and typical blackberry, cimiamon and a hint of licorish.  The wine did not dissapoint when I got the glass to my lips as there was layers of flavours in line with the aromas with good cedar oak qualities – so good I am not sure I could share my bottles with anyone, maybe if there was a thick jucy T-Bone steak to be had!

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