McLaren Vale – The Amazing Taste Trail

This week I though we might go for a change in pace and review a new concept for the McLaren Vale area.  The concept is loosely based on the TV series The Amazing Race and it provides the visitor an opportunity to see some of Mclaren Vale in quite a different way.

Check out my video review as well:-

The trail starts at the McLaren Vale Visitors Centre (which is on the left hand side of Main Road as you enter McLaren Vale).  The first part of the trail guide has a series of clues that you can use to find the location of the first McLaren Vale Amazing Taste Trail winery.  The clues are a mixture of references to buildings, landmarks and roadsigns (including winery signs).  I thought the clues were of moderate difficulty and should be solvable, particularly if there is more than 1 person working on the clues keeping an eye on their surroundings and not just driving.  Once at the first participating winery, the individual stamp/sticker you have entitles you to a 10% saving on wine purchases.  Your task is not over as you will also need to answer a question about the winery you are at (note that the question in on the clues sheet).  Once the question is answered correctly and you can trade in you clues/question sheet for the next set of clues to assist you to get to the next participating winery.  Also, remember to get your passport stamped at the winery.  You follow the new clues to the next winery continuing the routine for the 4 wineries.

The route suggested by the quiz does not provide you with the direct route to the next winery.  However, it does provide a route that will show off a lot of the scenic beauty of the Mclaren Vale region.  Currently there are 4 participating wineries and the route you are taken around shows a wide area of McLaren Vale and if interested you could visit other wineries along the trip.

When you have visited the 4 participating wineries and collected the stamps you can go back to the McLaren Vale Visitors Centre and leave the passport butt which put you into a quarterly draw for a mixed dozen of McLaren Vale wines.  The driver is also entitled to a free coffee at the Visitors Centre Cafe.

So what do you get for the investment of $10/group + $2.50 per participating person? 

  • You get a quiz based set of directions to 4 wineries in the McLaren Vale region. The tour is self paced and is an entertaining day out. 
  • 10% discount at the 4 participating winery cellar door.
  • Free coffee for the driver (at the Visitors Centre).
  • Participate in the quarterly draw of a mixed wine dozen.

I see this has a couple of great options for a wine tour of McLaren Vale.

  • Use the concept to have the whole family(even the non wine interested people) involved in working out where to go and so there is little or no resentment from family members who do not want to go on a wine trip.
  • A team building exercise either as 1 group or as separate groups competing against each other (ie the first to visit the 4 wineries and return back to the visitors centre).

So why not bring the family down to McLaren Vale for a day of involved family fun while solving the quiz or bring a work group out for some teambuilding fun – and maybe just taste some excellent wine and use the discount to purchase some of the wines you like – and I am sure there will be wines you will like when you try along the way.

Now I hear you ask – “What happens if I/we get lost?”  Well the GPS co-ordinates for the next winery is provided and if you don’t have a GPS then a phone number is provided so you can ring to get directions.  These can be found on the quiz clue sheet, labled as the escape hatch.

The next question I hear is – “Where can I get more information and buy The Amazing Taste Trail from?”.  Well you could goto the web site at  However, for the readers of the Lonely Grape I can organise the passport and individual stickers and send them to you so send me an e-mail on

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    Sounds charming.

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