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The Woodstock property has been in the Collett family since 1973, however the property was originally established as a vineyard (and named as Woodstock) in 1905.  In 1982 Scott Collett took over the estate with the first Woodstock wines being released in 1983.  The property has extensive vineyards (tendered by Scott Collett), a winery (run by Ben Glaetzer), a cellar door, a restaurant (called a Coterie), a native garden with a wildlife sanctuary and a children’s playground (complete with a resident concrete crocodile).  With these options for the visitor it could be seen as the complete wine tourist destination – the kids can play in the playground and check out the gardens and sanctuary, the driver can relax in the gardens or grab a bit to eat and the wine drinker can do all of the above.  One can even borrow a Bocce set for a friendly game with your family and friends.  Check out their website at

Woodstock Complex

Woodstock Complex

Woodstock Kids Playground

Woodstock Kids Playground

Woodstock Crocodile

Woodstock Crocodile

The Coterie was one of the first (if not the first) winery restaurant in the Mclaren Vale wine region and has a great reputation for food quality and service.  They also have a live Jazz Band playing at the Coterie every Sunday – what a great way to spend a relaxing Sunday with the people that matter most – your family and friends.

Woodstock is found on Douglas Gully Road, Mclaren Flat – click on this link to see a map (remember to click on the Woodstock name on the left side of the map).  The cellar door is open daily 10am to 5pm.

The wines are split into 3 ranges:-

  1. Bistro Series – this range is for drinking now.
  2. Varietal Series – a range trying to be typical of the variety or style.
  3. Flagship Series – old vine material that is classical.

It should be noted that all the wines reviewed have had the Stelvin Lux closure.  Some museum stocks have cork closures.

Bistro Series

2008 Riesling Traminer ($A18)

 Approximately 28% Gewurztraminer in this wine and provides some perfumed (floral) and cinnamon characters.  I was concerned that this wine may be a sweet commercial wine – you know the one that is just sugar in the glass so to cater for the sweet toothed visitors to the cellar door, however I was pleasantly surprised that the wine was not too sweet.  Have this one with spicy Asian food as the Gewurztraminer characters work well with this style.

2008 Semillon Sauvigon Blanc ($A18)

 The wine has 75% Semilon (of the BVRC32 clone) and has a tropical fruit aroma with a light palate of passionfruit.  A good wine to share with friends on a warm Sunday afternoon. 

2009 Grenache Rose ($A18)

 The wine has quite a distinct perfume nose with a floral and sweet stewed plums when drunk.  There is quite a lot of sugar but has the acid to go with it.  A strong seller at the cellar door – where once tasted there is a compulsion to buy.  I would drink this one very cold on a hot day, and if they were luck, I would share it with friends. 

2005 Shiraz Cabernet ($A18)

 This wine is lighter in style that I would consider usual, however all this means is that the wine is for current drinking.  It has all the usual characteristics of cherries and berries with a long spice finish.  Drink this one with Spaghetti Bolognese.

Varietal Series

2008 Riesling ($A20)

 The first thing I asked about this wine was where were the grapes from.  I was somewhat surprised to hear that the vineyard was close to the cellar door.  This was a surprise because Riesling is generally a grape variety that does not do well in the Mclaren Vale region.  The aroma was reminiscent of older wines with kerosene overtones.  When drunk the wine shows distinct lemon and limes.   A BBQ octopus salad would be a good choice to eat with this wine. 

2008 Chardonnay ($A20)

 The wine has a 5% oaked component and is all the better for it as the complexity is enhanced by the wood treatment.  There is the usual peach flavours with a slightly smoky finish from the wood.  Drink this one with a creamy chicken pasta dish – YUM.

2007 Grenache ($A20)

 As readers of the Lonely Grape will know that I an a big fan of this grape variety from Mclaren Vale.  This wine did not quite meet my expectations.  The wine is unusually un-oaked, an in my view does not provide the expected structure.  The cellar door staff indicated that the wine has increased in complexity during the last 12 months.

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon ($A22)

 The wine was a little closed on the nose but had a good mouthfeel with some blackcurrent and berry finish.

2006 Shiraz ($A22)

 What a surprise – another good priced Mclaren Vale Shiraz full of berries and spice coupled with some good oak treatment.  Enjoy this one with with an Osso Bucco. 

2006 Botrytis Semillon ($A20/375ml)

 Definite honey mixed with citrus peel and nutmeg with enough acid for the wine not to be cloying.  This style has not been popular but try this with Christmas Pudding or a plate of blue cheese, dried fruit and water crackers and you may just be convinced. 

2006 Vintage Fortified Shiraz ($A20/375ml)

 What a joy this is to see another of the few producers making such a wine style.  Strong flavours of black olives and an almost tarry finish means this is one to put away for a number of years for it to develop into a beauty.  Drinking this makes me think of a room full of cigar smoking men passing the port (was that to the left..?). 

NV Muscat ($A20/375ml)

This is a mixture of local and Rutherglen wines and is another surprise.  Described as liquid raisins in a glass.  Flavours of orange zest and Christmas pudding.  Do yourself a favour and try this one.

Flagship Series

2006 “The Stocks” Shiraz ($A60)

 Vanilla oak on the nose and pallet from the good use of new American oak barrels.  The fruit is from the original planting of shiraz and is dry grown – with 2006 being a good vintage one would expect this to be a classy wine and it delivers.  If you can justify the cost get sone and put it away for 5+ years for a Mclaren Vale Shiraz classic.  I can visualise this in 2014 with a thick juicy Wychwood Meats rump steak (maybe with some vegetables) – and nobody would be sharing this one!!!!! 

NV Very Old Fortified ($A45)

Yum, Yum and Yum.  Made from grenache from the original plot and has an average age of 20+ years – with a 35 year old base wine.  A classy mouth full of toffee and roasted nuts.

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