McLaren Vale Winery – Bent Creek Vineyards

Bent Creek Vineyards have recently opened a new cellar door on Blewitt Springs Road (just off Kangarilla Road/Main Road) – see map.  The cellar door is adjacent to the Bent Creek Block vineyard.  Web site is at

The cellar door is very new and has that “new” look.  Very clean lines and good use of corrugated iron and light colours.  The cellar door person was a family member and was very knowledgeable about the wines and vineyards.  It was good to see somebody that was able to have a chat and be able to answer questions with authority.

The cellar door is the domain of an old boarder collie dog (and is the inspiration for one of their wine names).  The dog is friendly (it came up to the car when we pulled up the dog came up to the car to check us out) and not obtrusive as the dog was happy for a quick pat and then it went away to lie down.

And now the wines:-


2008 Sauvignon Blanc ($A19)

This wine is made from Adelaide Hills grapes and made the 2008 Advertiser Top 100 Wines.  This wine does not suffer from the usual affliction of the variety where the herbaceous characters can be overpowering (in the form of cut grass or cats pee aromas).  The aromas here are understated and the mouth feel is quite impressive.  This wine would be best consumed soon and cold.

2008 Unwooded Chardonnay ($A17)

Another drink now wine that shows some melon characters


2008 Shot Bull Rose ($A19)

This wine was made by Linda Domas Wines (the current wine is labeled as such).  A sweet style of rose, which would be best drunk young and very cold (perfect for a hot day and to share with friends).

NV Nero Sparkling Shiraz ($A14)

This is made from a small quantity of grapes that have been allowed to fully ripen in the Mclaren Vale sunshine.  The result is a complex “black bubbles” with a hint of residual sugar.  I find this style a joy to drink and this will be one that will be opened with friends.

2008 Cabernet Merlot($A20)

This is a very fruit driven wine with the aromas and flavours typical of the varieties.  You would best do well to drink this one while relately young – with the good fruit structure why wait for this one.

2007 Black Dog Shiraz ($A22)

The wine is named after the cellar door dog (as described above).  Made from a mixture of old dry grown vines, from next to the homestead, with young vines from two different vineyards.  There is good structure here with typically Mclaren Vale soft tannins with smart oak treatment.  I have put a couple of these away for a rainy day.

2003 The Nude Shiraz ($A30) & 2006 Reserve Shiraz ($A39)

These wines are made from a dry grown vineyard on Blewitt Springs Road.  The difference between the two is when the yields are so low and the vines look almost naked of fruit then The Nude Shiraz is made (no more than 500 cases).  In the other years the Reserve Shiraz is produced.  These wines were not tasted as they are not available for tasting at the cellar door


The wines tried were good without finding anything spectacular.  I suspect the Reserve and Nude Shiraz’s would be excellent – but without trying I can only postulate.

I was going to add video to this blog – as yet I am to work this all out so I will post the blog now and add the video later.

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