McLaren Vale Winery – Fox Creek Wines

I thought my first McLaren Vale winery review should be Fox Creek.  The reason – I am doing some vintage work at the Fox Creek Winery, and I am enjoying the experience.

Anyway back to the winery.

Fox Creek Wines is located between the town of McLaren Vale and Willunga on Malpas Road.  The winery and the cellar door are at 2 separate locations with both accessable from Malpas Road (see cellar door location).

Fox Creek Cellar Door Sign

Fox Creek Cellar Door Sign

Fox Creek Wines is a privately owned small winery that also conducts some contract winemaking.  The winery processes about 800 tonnes of grapes each year.

Fox Creek Wines also has a wine club called the Fox Creek Circle where members recieve 2 to 4 dozens to be delivered each year.  The Circle members get discounts of up to 16% and freight free.  Details on the website

A note of interest was the winery and cellar door had a mascot – Shadow the sheep dog.  Unfortunately, last November, Shadow passed onto the great vineyard in the sky.  Shadow was a real character and is depicted on the lables of the Shadows Run range.

Fox Creek Cellar Door

Fox Creek Cellar Door

The wines:-

Shadows Run Unwooded Chardonnay (A$12) – a good value entry level white.

Sauvignon Blanc (A$17) – The wine is very enjoyable and does not have the over the top herbacious characters that can occur with this variety.  This is my faviourite white wine from Fox Creek Wines.

Chardonnay (A$17) – typical melon characters for a McLaren Vale Chardonnay.

Vixen – Sparkling Red (A$22.50)  (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc).  I am unashameably a sparkling red fan. This is an unusual blend and is not bottle fermented.  However this wine is not just a marketing play on words.  The aromas indicate mulberry fruits with the same for every mouthful.  Good with food or even just to share with friends.  I even finished a bottle watching the footy last weekend!

Shadows Run Shiraz – Cabernet Sauvignon (A$12) – as for the white this is an enjoyable low end wine, remembering that you get what you pay for.

Red Barron Shiraz (A$17.50) – This wine is a great value from the classic McLaren Vale variety.  This is good everyday drinking and appeals to alot of people.

Red Barron Plane

Red Barron Plane

Shiraz – Grenache – Mourvedre (A$17.50) – Along side shiraz, grenache is a classic variety for McLaren Vale.  This blend is a very different wine comared to the rest of the Fox Creek range.  The grenache adds great soft fruit characters to the overall blend.  No need to cellar – please drink this one while young.  This is my current every day drinking wine – I cannot recommend this any more highly.

Duet Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot (A$19) – The surprise for me is the rise in the quality of McLaren Vale cabernet sauvignon.  This is a classic blend.

JSM (A$22.50) (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc) – The same wine that is used in the Vixen (Sparkling Red).  A good wine.  I prefer it as the Vixen.

Short Row Shiraz (A$28.50) – This is a big classic Mclaren Vale shiraz. – lots of spicey fruit combined well with oak.  My favourite shiraz to drink now from the Fox Creek range.

Reserve Shiraz (A$70) – This wine is made from only the best individual barrels from each vintage.  The wine is not currently drinking as well as the Short Row Shiraz but in a few years it should be worth the wait.  I have put a few safely away.

Please post any comments or questions.  I would also like to know what things you would like to see (or not see) in future blogs.

Regards and have a safe week


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