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First of all I thought Possum wines was born from a couple of folks that liked possums – well that maybe the case but the name came from parts of the names from the founding couple.  Dr John Possingham and Carol Summers.  They have 2 vineyards.  30 Ha in Blewitt Springs on the rolling sandy hills with some vines over 80 years old.  Another 30 Ha are in Willunga – between town of Willunga and Sellicks Beach.  The 2 different vineyards produce wines of very different charachter.

Their winery is on Adams Road near the Blewitt Springs vineyard and a full time winemaker is now employed.  Cellar Door tastings can be arranged by appointment.  Their web site is

As a general comment I was surprised at the vast range of wines – some of them form older vintages than are normally found for sale in McLaren Vale.  Also, I found their wines were good value.  I was surprised at how good most of the wines were – particularly for the price, so I would recommend checking them out.

Anyway, now for the wines…….

2008 The Springs Unwooded Chardonnay ($A10 or $8 on dozen buys)

What value here – particularly with dozen buys.  The price probably reflects that Chardonnay can be difficult to sell at the moment.  There are melon and peaches here that are not over the top like some of these style wines can be.  There was a level of bitterness apparent on the after taste that made me think of sulphur.  Not for me but for those that are price conscience then “drink up”.

2008 Viognier ($A15)

Blewitt Springs fruit has produced a very pleasant drink that is true to the peach and apricot flavors and aromas one expects from this variety.  I was particularly happy with the acid length of this wine.  To me this shows excellent value for money and would be a good one to drink cold on a hot day and sharing it with friends.

2008 Two in the Pouch White ($A13 or $A10 on Dozen buys)

A blend I have not tried too many times and I was not disappointed.  The value for money quotient here was very high.  A well made wine with good varietal characters for this price – I had to look twice at the price list to make sure I had not mad a mistake.  The stone fruit of peaches and nectarines are hear in spades.  Again a wine more made for casual consumption instead of food – why not and “pass me a glass”!

2010 Dr Johns Single Vineyard Pinot Gris ($A28)

A new label that shows the new direction of the marketing people.  Different labels and almost no reference to Possoms wines on the label.  It must be that possms are not fashionable!

One of the better Pinot Gris wines I have tried.  Made from Blewitt Springs fruit the wine has really good passionfruit and acid length characters.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the wine was quite dry.  So good with a warm chicken salad dish – just right for the coming summer months.

2006 Willunga Chardonnay ($A13)

This wine has seen a bit of French oak and is just starting to show some developed citrus peel characters combined with nectarines and this really good nutty finish.  The wine probably is getting close to it’s time so drink it right now.

2009 Pink Possum ($A15)

This Cabernet Sauvignon Rose has the usual strawberries and cream aromas and flavors with an added effect from Turkish Delight on the nose and cherries added on the palate.  This wine has a dry finish – much drier that I expected from the aroma.  Bring on Sunday lunch with Willunga Almond Dukkah some Coriole EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and some fresh crusty bread – oh and maybe some friends to share it with.

2008 Two in the Pouch Shiraz/Cabernet ($A13 or $10 for dozen buys)

There is fruit here from both the Willunga and Blewitt Springs vineyards.  The Blewitt Springs component shows through particularly with the aromas of peatyness that combines with both red and black fruits.  The flavors are initially dominated by sweet cherries and plums with some spices and some chocolate on the finish.  At this price give me a bottle or 2 at any BBQ as it will go with charred meats.

2006 Grenache (A$15)

A lighter that expected offering from the Blewitt Springs vineyard.  The peatyness comes through again on the nose with red spicy fruits – Yum.  The flavors are a medium bodied mixture of raspberries, cherries & spice with just a hint of oak.  Sorry, it is unlikely I will be sharing this.

2008 Willunga Shiraz ($A15)

I found the aromas somewhat closed – all I got was a hint of vanilla.  The flavors are a meld of plums, mixed spice, chocolate and licorice.  Not a classical McLaren Vale offering but at that price …….

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon ($A20)

Well how interesting is this – a 2005 red wine being offered for $20!  A proportion of the wine was made from 80 year old vines at the Blewitt Springs vineyard.  As readers of the Lonely Grape would know that Cabernet Sauvignon is not always my favorite wine variety – but this was different.  So much so I left the tasting with some.

The aromas have the traditional blackcurrent fruit but there was also blackberry and an interesting tobacco leaf hint.  The flavors were rich black fruits, this tobacco again and spices to leave a lingering finish.  All I could think about as I tasted this was eating pork chops with this (I had pork chops last night with another Cabernet last nigh and it was a wonderful match).

2006 Possums Vineyard Shiraz ($A25)

This Blewitt Springs wine was the real deal and I have tasted a lot of comparable McLaren Vale wines for much more money, so this wine has to be seen as good value.

The aromas were of fruit cake with a touch of vanilla and some fresh plums on the side.  The flavors just showed such layered complexity – the usual peatyness of Blewitt Springs, the typical McLaren Vale plums, cinnamon spice with a lingering chocolate finish.  Just “Yum” in a bottle – yes I took some of this home as well.  I can feel a steak coming on…..

Not Tasted

2006 Dr Johns Single Vineyard Shiraz ($A35)

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